They Made the Sunrise for People Like Us


Squeak Squeak clang .

The train rocks itself back and forth as you lay in the air conditioned sleeper. The sun is fast asleep as its sister shines her moonlight through your window. You plug your headphones in as an attempt to cancel out the noise and fall asleep. Over the palace morning will break, rise up to meet it oh sleeper awake… The sleep is restless but when dawn breaks you are oddly relaxed. Pink and orange paint the sky as the sun puts its sister to rest. With every new day, a new destination awaits.


The curtain that forms your little secluded cave is pulled to the side. Looking down, a hot bowl of rice soup (I’m assuming this is the Thai version of congi) is presented to you. At the corner of your eye you catch of glimpse of that familiar heavenly smell. Mmm, coffee. Sipping the sacred beverage, you draw your attention to your window. Farmers tend to their fields, dogs run through the streets and a child sits on the roof top as his grandfather rocks in his chair. Mountains spread across the background. Untouched forests sing in contentment as birds sore above the tree tops. The music humming in your ears have some sort of psychic ability as the playlist compliments your mood. Thank you oh music God. You can’t help but smile.

“Chaing Mai! Last stop!”

The heat hits you like a brick wall. The sun beats down on your shoulders as you gather your things and sit in the back of a truck. The environment is already vastly different from busy Bangkok, as the traffic is orderly and the air breathable. You’re eyes scan for locals but instead are greeted with tourists. I guess the main city is for tourists. The truck comes to an abrupt stop in front of your hostel located just outside the inner city gates. After a long needed shower you take to the streets. You laugh as you decide that the 40C weather is a lot cooler and bearable in comparison to the 47C you were previously exposed to. Stalls selling trinkets are located at every corner and every other store offers Thai messages. Within 15 minutes you must have already passed over 20 different hostels and maybe 1 or 2 temples. You soon gather that this city isn’t for sightseeing but it’s a place to rest before or after a trek.

Good thing that your trek starts soon. 3 days and 2 nights up a mountain.

I guess this place won’t be too bad for a couple of days.

Shrugging your shoulders you enter a near by market.

If you can’t beat them, join them.


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