First It’s The Spark, Then It’s The Flame

Buzz Buzz.

With groggy eyes you turn your head and are blinded by the light. 4:00am. No matter what they tell you, waking up at such an ungodly hour is never pleasant, even if it’s to catch a flight towards your next adventure. You pull yourself out of bed and somehow get ready. Somewhere between brewing coffee and double checking your passport, your mind jolts awake.

4:20am. You’re late.

You’re in the car. The city hasn’t awoken yet but the birds have started their choir. It’s a bit colder then you were expecting as your mind wanders to the lonely coffee cup sitting on your kitchen table. Still fresh but missed your lips. Oh how I’ll miss you. Your mother is talking to you about safety again, and making sure you have all your things. The nagging was bothering you for a while but you’re grateful to have her there. The radio is playing some James Blunt in the background and you shut your eyes for a moment. Almost there.


You’re picking up your boarding pass and fumble through your emails to find your itinerary number. You’re body is far from awake as your mind learns to function without that caffeine. There it is! Boarding passes at hand, you venture through security. This is one of your favourite parts, people watching. You scan the line and quickly pick out fellow backpackers. You wonder where they’re going and what adventures await them at their destinations. It’s not hard to find those traveling for work. They have made unpacking at security an art form. The laptop exits stage right, their liquids sealed in a baggy are gracefully placed on the conveyer belt. They hold their passport in one hand and almost dance through the metal detector. You want to applaud their efficiency and composure. They can be related to a professional ballerina whereas your security experience is more closely related to that of a seal. And not the ones that can do all the fancy tricks. More like the ones that just flop around and have absolutely no idea what’s going on. I don’t know how I’ve travelled so much and still panic when I get to these darn checkpoints.


You just made it to the gate. The plane is boarding and all of a sudden it’s sinking in. You’re doing this. You’re leaving. A stressful exam season the semester before lead to the impulse purchase of a one-way ticket to Thailand (yes, a return ticket from Nepal was obtained shortly after). You board the plane and you’re becoming giddy with excitement. You pinch yourself to make sure that this isn’t a dream. The captain makes the usual announcements as you stare out the window. The world is waking up. The sky fills with colours and soon you’ll be right along side them. The plane is delayed due to some fog. You smile to yourself. The mystery of the fog compliments the sky’s good morning.


The plane’s wheels race across the ground and jets propel you to the clouds.

Adventure awaits.


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